Why Choose Stern Risk Partners?

Stern Risk Partners employs experienced product specific claims professionals with specific expertise in either Property or Casualty lines. Each is devoted to servicing claims from start to finish as well as helping to aggregate and provide historical claims data and analysis. Every one of our clients can expect our claims representatives to provide them with the following services: 

  • Initial Claim Receipt and Evaluation of Applicable Coverage Parts
  • Filing Claims with the Carrier 
  • Following Up for Adjuster Assignment and Prompt Claim Review
  • Discussion of Claims with the Client and Adjuster
  • Advocating for the Client and Their Needs 
  • Helping to Facilitate a Quick Resolution with the Best Outcome  
  • Providing Overall Claims Reports and Analysis as Needed or Requested 
  • Working with Carriers to Setup Claims Management Procedures and Service 

Stern Risk Partners prides itself on providing our clients best in class service and product specific expertise. In addition to analyzing a client"s risk exposure to deliver the best available coverage and price, we place significant importance on our approach to claims management. 

While they are never desired or welcomed, claims are inevitable, and when one does occur proper claims management is important to a quick and seamless resolution. At Stern Risk Partners, we are focused on providing our clients with exceptional claims service, where our goals are advocating for our clients and minimizing disruption to their business. 

We will never take a laissez-faire approach to any claim.
Stern Risk Partners ensures our clients needs are met and their voices heard. 

Offerings Specific to Property Claims:

  • Upon receipt of Loss Notice we will interpret and discuss any immediate needs for Emergency Services, Building Stabilization, loss mitigation and protection to avoid additional damages to the insured property.
  • Review and discuss the insured's current Contingency Plans for improvements to the current protocol that might further enhance emergency responses, timely measurement of the scope and cost of damages and building damage restoration.
  • Assist the insured with coverage questions and policy interpretations and any Coverage Positions that are asserted during the adjustment of a claim.

Offerings Specific to Liability Claims

  • Review post-accident procedures to ensure it captures all necessary information and preserves all evidence required to defend or mitigate your claim costs.  This can include improvements to internal incident investigations as well as assisting with selection of external vendors when needed. 
  • Assist with policy interpretations and provide a recommended response to any carrier coverage position letter.   
  • We act as your advocate to ensure you receive all policy benefits to which you are entitled.