Multifamily Insurance


The Property & Casualty insurance market for the multifamily industry is a very challenging segment due to the unpredictable nature of its occupancy - it is also one of the largest annual expenses for multifamily operators and owners. The structure of your insurance program and experience of your insurance broker can dramatically influence your total cost of risk over time. Buying insurance is only one piece of your overall risk management program, we can help take it to a new level.

The Multifamily insurance marketplace is constantly changing and evolving.   At Stern Risk Partners, we understand the insurance marketplace, how to incorporate a resident program or captive insurance program, and how to create more capacity by going to nontraditional insurance markets. We have extensive experience structuring and negotiating insurance placements for multifamily risks. We maintain relationships with all the important insurance carriers in what is a very limited marketplace. It is extremely important to differentiate yourself from the traditional stigma of multifamily and be viewed as a quality real estate risk.

Why choose Stern Risk Partners?


  • We are experts in multifamily insurance and create cutting edge solutions to help solve our client's struggles both new and old.
  • Our team has already experienced changing insurance markets and we know how to adjust accordingly in all environments to maximize results.  Many brokers have never experienced a challenging insurance environment.
  • We interact with the insurance market for multifamily on a daily basis - so we know what insurance should cost and we can prepare our clients accordingly.
  • We know what is needed for the multifamily industry and will cover you accordingly. Whether its flood insurance, named windstorm, tenant relocation expense, extended period of indemnity, or tenant discrimination - we have the solution for you.
  • Our experienced, professional staff will structure your multifamily program so insurance never becomes an impediment to you focusing on your core business.

Operational Efficiency

  • ·        Simplifying the administration of insurance is critical in the multifamily industry. We are experienced in negotiating pre-agreed rates for acquisitions and divestitures as well as utilizing customized manuscript insurance policy forms.

  • We help our clients solve insurance challenges when dealing with lenders, acquisitions and divestitures, different owners, allocations and coverage items.
  • Our safety and loss control is integrated into every facet of our brokerage operation.


  • We use proprietary, creative solutions to help our multifamily clients find a new source of revenue and loss funding by creating profit centers out of mandatory resident liability insurance programs, security deposit alternatives and deductible reimbursement policies.      

  • We create additional capacity not used by other brokers by using alternative insurance markets not traditionally considered.
  • We implement parallel marketing efforts driven by client specific factors to determine the best structure for that specific client.
  • Our creative structuring and understanding of the insurance market place helps you lower your total cost of risk.